M and K Angoras
Show Quality English Angoras and American Fuzzy Lops

Sales Policy

Terms of Sales:


Rabbits are not considered sold until full cash price has been received by us. If you choose to purchase a bunny from us, we will place your choice on "HOLD" for a maximum of 7 days on our website, after which if we have not received you 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, the bunny will be offered for sale to others. Once the deposit has been received, the rabbit will be marked "RESERVED" with your name on our website. If you change your mind, the deposit may be applied to another rabbit only and NO REFUND given.


We reserve the right to cancel a sale at anytime if we deem necessary.


Any rabbit being bought to be picked up at a show WILL BE PAID FOR AHEAD OF TIME.


Pick up and Delivery:


The pick up of the animal is the responsibility of the purchaser and must be completed with in 2 weeks time from the time of commitment to purchase. After 2 weeks there is $1.00 a day boarding fee to cover my time and feed. Arrangements may be made to deliver your purchase to one of the shows that we attend if this is convenient to the buyer. Rabbit will be paid in full prior to the show. Delivery to show is FREE of charge, if I have to meet up with you there is an additional $25.00 charge if I have to travel 2 hours to cover my time and gas.


Health Commitment:


We assure that all bunnies offered for sale are free of illness are are fully weaned when leaving our home. We do not quarantee against injury or intestinal complications (ie. diarrhea/enteritis) once you take delivery of your purchase. To help insure an easy transition, a going home package of pelleted food and feeding suggestions will accompany each bunny under the age of 12 weeks. Your feeding and husbandry choices will determine the future well being of your rabbits and your breeding choice will determine the quality of your herd.


Return policy:


If for any reason you are unable to care for a rabbit purchased from M and K Angoras you may return it to us any time provided that it is in good health and free of injury and disease.


Quality of Rabbits:


We attempt to accurately describe each rabbit offered for sale. You are welcome to have another breeder/judge examine your prospective purchase prior to commitment.


The following are definitions of the terms used on this page:


Show quality:


This rabbit will be free of disqualifications at the time of sale. We do not quarantee that it will attain winning statue, though it can be expected to be a worthy competitor on the show table. Complete pedigree provided(UNLESS STATED) and show remark cards if available.


Breeding Quality:


This rabbit may have a minor DQ (such as a white toenail, over/under weight for standard) but is considered worthy of passing quality traits onto its descendants. This rabbit may be showable but has a fault or two that probably would prevent it from being a consisitent winner. Complete pedigree provided (UNLESS STATED) and breeding history is available.




This rabbit has a wonderful temperment and is a good representative of its breed but is not a show candidate and/or has faults that would not be desirable to breed into your herd (ie. one testicle). It's wool is suitable for spinning. NO pedigree provided.